Welcome to the struggles and triumphs of a first time homebuyer

It’s a long title, I know, but the only fitting one I can come up with other than “why I really, really hate trying to buy a house”.

Here’s the background on the situation: I am twenty-three years old, I live in the Columbus, Ohio area, I am a claims adjuster, I am single, and I am trying to buy a house.

The whole process is frustrating to say the least and I’ve decided to start a blog to sort of release these frustrations. Currently none of my friends are at this stage in their lives which in most ways is annoying because I don’t have many peers to turn to and trade the tiny obnoxious things with. Though I do recieve a tiny thrill of satisfaction to say (to myself and never to their faces, of course!) “You may have beaten me to the alter and you may be popping out babies and I may still be perpetually single but I will beat you to escrow, my friend!”

Mostly it’s just lonely on this track as I’m sure it was a lonely road for the first of my friends who got married. Mary Beth did not have many people to whom she could rant those little frustrations that would really and truly understand what she meant. Yes, I understood the words that came out of her mouth but I could not sympathize with her the same way that a married woman could.

So my blog is my ranting grounds. It’s where I will explain the things I learn, indulge in the hopeful, mourn the struggles, and revel in the triumphs….

…if I ever have any.



About rustedbrandy8727

I'm 23, almost 24 years old and in the very long, frustrating process of trying to buy my first home.
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